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Rhodri Marsden
06 November 2008 @ 08:19 am
My friend Mick, who wrote this highly amusing travelogue (or should that be workalogue) about India, is back off to Jaipur for an away-break with his wife Julie at the end of this year. While he's out there, he's hoping to buy as many of these as possible:

As Mick says:

"They only cost twenty pounds. If you saw the Paul Merton programme on TV you will have seen a one-legged child strap one on and immediately run off. They are free to the legless. So if you give us twenty pounds, we'll buy someone a foot on your behalf. We will try to take some photos of people with them so you can say "I gave that person the ability to walk", which is the cheapest philanthropic option you'll ever get."

If you're in a position to chip in and feel good about yourself, you could send me £20 by Paypal, cos I'm sending a cheque off to Mick at the weekend. Obviously I'm not a registered charity, so you'll have to take my word for it that a) I won't spend the money on pies, and b) that Mick won't spend the money on pies. But I'm off pies at the moment. And Mick's a thoroughly wonderful chap whose love of India is only matched by his love of fishing.

EDIT: Wow. £240 and counting. Massively, hugely appreciated.